Wondering if you should be using Clubhouse? Looking for a strategy to get the best return on your Clubhouse time?

In this article, you’ll discover how your business can benefit from Clubhouse and learn a six-step strategy to maximize the return on the time you invest on the platform.

Why Businesses Should Consider Clubhouse

If you’re a business owner or marketer, Clubhouse offers some unique advantages that make it worth considering.

At Clubhouse, you don’t have to chase down your target market every time you log on. Your audience is already there and they want to engage in a conversation with you.

As Clubhouse is…

Google and Microsoft Bing are the largest search engines that satisfy users’ informational needs every day. Let’s explore a detailed comparison of the two here.

When it comes to optimizing a website, SEO professionals typically focus on Google. After all, it’s the world’s most popular search engine.

But what about Microsoft Bing? Is it worth optimizing your site for, as well?

Let’s see how these two search giants, Microsoft Bing (rebranded from simply ‘Bing’ in October 2020) and Google, compare.

Google vs. Microsoft Bing Market Share

One of the first distinctions between Microsoft Bing and Google is market share. According to Statista, in February 2021, Bing…

Looking to maximize conversion and profitability on the Amazon marketplace? Make sure you’re tapping into these Top 10 Amazon listing optimization opportunities.

When it comes to optimizing your Amazon listings, many tactics are shared with the SEO you do for Google, Bing, and other major search engines.

However, Amazon is unique in the way that it structures data within the marketplace.

In this article, you’ll find the common mistakes and hidden opportunities available for ranking and optimizing on the Amazon marketplace.

Common Mistakes in Optimizing Amazon Listings

Optimizing on Amazon comes down to attention to detail. …

If voice search optimization isn’t part of your SEO strategy, it’s time to fix that. Learn six tactics to optimize for voice search today and beyond.

The importance of why your brand should focus on conversational AI and voice optimized SEO has never been more relevant before.

“Star Trek: The Next Generation” aired in 1987.

At the time, having a casual conversation with a computer must have seemed like far-flung science fiction.

Fast forward to today: We see people speaking into their watches, interacting, and getting voice responses from their phones.

It looks like we are almost there.

Not quite…

If there’s one thing that we have learned in the past decade is that technology is changing rapidly and is here to stay for good. Whether it is in our homes or businesses, we are stuck to each other like glue. Did you think your business would ever need to implement voice-optimized SEO? If you didn’t, now is the time to do that.

We are so dependent on the technology around us, we are looking for ways to incorporate it in every walk of our lives to make daily tasks a breeze. …

The most burning question by just about everyone who has a Google Ads account — “When should I use automated bidding?”

Automated bidding is a hot topic in our industry. There are always articles talking about the need to use automated bidding, quickly answered by posts warning you should never automate your bidding.

When it comes down to it, the real answer isn’t so simple: it depends.

There are a variety of automated bidding options in Google Ads. Some may be great for your account, but others might be terrible. You might find you have a use for every bidding…

Confused about the difference between remarketing and retargeting? Well, you aren’t the only one! These terms are used interchangeably these days. But are they the same? Technically they aren’t!

Remarketing and retargeting have similar goals but there are also important differences you need to understand. Remarketing and retargeting differ in strategy — and who you are able to reach.

Remarketing & Retargeting: Similar, But Different

Advertising managers spend a lot of time testing audiences, getting creative, and obsessing over numbers. It can be a long process; with only a small percentage of ad clickers actually converting. …

9 Apps and Tools to Make Your Small Business Better and More Efficient
9 Apps and Tools to Make Your Small Business Better and More Efficient

For many startups, achieving meaningful growth — the kind that gets the attention of investors and potential buyers — means having the right tools. While larger companies can usually afford to build their own custom solutions, smaller businesses tend to rely on outside vendors. Fortunately, plenty of companies out there cater to the specific needs of smaller enterprises and early-stage startups, and the tools they provide are often as affordable as they are effective.

1. BenchmarkOne formerly Hatchbuck

This all-in-one sales and marketing automation platform was built specifically for smaller businesses. BenchmarkOne enables you to manage your contacts, automatically follow up with leads and…

Facebook, Microsoft & Google Ads Compared: CTR, CPM & CPC Benchmarks
Facebook, Microsoft & Google Ads Compared: CTR, CPM & CPC Benchmarks

How do sentiment, landing page quality, and increasing ad spend impact PPC performance? Cambridge University compares Facebook, Microsoft & Google Ads.

If you have to choose between Facebook and Google Ads for promoting your Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), Facebook is your best bet.

And in the debate between Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads, Google provides greater reach at a lower cost.

These are among the key findings of a new study by Cambridge University MBA students and ad platform Adzooma.

Participants analyzed how imagery, sentiment, and language impacted click-through rates (CTRs) on three top online ad platforms.

The study…

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